Wednesday, June 29, 2011


  • 4 cups rice
  • 1 cup cooked rice
  • 3 cups coconut milk (thick and thin)
  • 1/4 tsp yeast
  • salt to taste
  • 2 tsp sugar

  1. Wash and soak rice for 3 hours or more, grind the rice with cooked rice,coconut milk and salt.The batter should not be very fine and it should be thinner than normal dosa batter,once the batter ferments it will thicken.
  2. Pour the batter into a big vessel add yeast and mix well.Keep in a warm place overnight and let it ferment.
  3. After the batter ferments ,mix well ,add water to adjust consistency and pour into appam tava(as shown in the video.)
  4. Serve with stew or kori ghassi or egg curry.


  1. This reminds me of a sweet appam I used to eat as a child. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Hi Charishma,
    What is an alternative for yeast? Also any easy tips on quick sources of yeast?

  3. hi saum
    iam sorry I really don't know what else you can use instead of yeast
    and you can get yeast in any supermarket, you can use instant or dried active yeast
    if you don't know how to use dried active yeast just let me know and instant yeast can be added directly to the batter
    hope this was useful

  4. hi,
    what kind of raw rice did you use for this recipie and the name of the yeast brand. please reply

  5. hi Bency
    it depends where you are right now, if in India use dosa rice, if abroad use Basmati rice, when I was in bahrain I used basmati and my appams turned out perfect.
    and abt yeast its hard to find instant yeast in bangalore...but i have found this brand called gloripan...otherwise you can use any brand dry active yeast(eagle brand),soak it in warm water and little sugar before adding to the batter.
    hope this was helpful...let me know if you have any doubt
    happy cooking

  6. what should the ratio of coconut milk be?

  7. Hi maria... Approx 3 cups of coconut milk....but you don't have to use the entire quantity... For example.. When you are preparing any dosa batter.. the exact quantity of water used while grinding cannot be provided depends on how you thick or thin you want the batter to be... Similarly with this recipe too... Use enough coconut get the desired consistency.... Hope this was helpful.... Cherie

    1. sorry to bother you Charishma, but I was not talking about the consistency, it is about the ratio of- thick : thin coconut milk. Normally its about 2 cups thin and 1 cup thick - Is yours approximately the same or just scrape one coconut and take out 3 cups of milk? pl clarify - thnks

    2. Hey iam sorry.... Yes yes it's approx the same 1 cup thick 2 cups thin... Hope it works for you... Do let me know

    3. Hey iam sorry.... Yes yes it's approx the same 1 cup thick 2 cups thin... Hope it works for you... Do let me know


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